Our goal is to serve our client`s best interests, dealing with the issues of their legal representation and defense regarding lawsuits filed before ALL COURTS, including actions seeking constitutional protection (TRIBUNAL CONSTITUCIONAL) .

We will advise and represent companies and individuals involved in criminal investigations or court proceedings in a whole range of areas of expertise, such as:

  • Crimes against public health: drugg trafficking
  • Crimes against property (robbery,   punishable insolvencies, fraud and illegal appropriations, etc)
  • Crimes against the person (injury)
  • Offences against personal liberty (threat and intimidation, etc)
  • Offence of documentary falsehoods or counterfeit
  • Crimes against privacy and personal portrayal
  • Crimes against intellectual property and the rights of the author
  • Etc
Our services include, among others:

  • Filing criminal claims and complaints
  • Appeals
  • Deletion of police/criminal records
  • Applications for pardon
  • Extradition proceedings both in requesting or requested countries
  • International/European search and arrest warrant
We are also expertise in PENITENTIARY LAW, such as: 

  • Permitted short-term release from the penitentiary
  • Prision regime assignment
  • Communications regime
  • F.I.E.S.
Contact us to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION.  We will find your problems and needs and we will offer you the most suitable solution within the pre-litigation or litigation phase